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Kodi the Coder

I created character designs & set them up for an animated pitch for Warner Media in collaboration with My Animation Life & Lifted Wings Studio. Kodi is a 12 old wiz-kid who has invented the world’s most sophisticated A. I. technology.

A 12 year old girl who loves tech. A self sufficient girl, who believes she can solve all problems with coding
The Initial task was to redesign the character on the top left into the style of the character at the bottom left. The character on the right side is the version I created
The clients satisfied with the result, I was asked to start make more outfit explorations. Using the mood boards provided, I created 3 more outfit explorations, a couple of more glasses designs & sketched a different mouth shape design before the client settled on the design on the right
character line up.jpg

From there, the rest of the characters were redesigned to match the new Kodi design & the new outfits picked for them

Kodi's A.I. best friend that she created. He sets out to help her & her friend Jordyn. He has the unique ability to shapeshift into any inanimate or abstract object
stem poses sketch.jpg
In this pitch, STEM shapeshifts into the Eiffel tower & a Steve Urkel like outfit without the suspenders. I created some sketches to how it might look like in these scenarios
Character set up for rigging in ToonBoom Harmony
I set up the final character designs for rigging in ToonBoom Harmony. Drew the characters in different poses that would be needed in the pitch & layered their parts (upper torso, lower torso, neck, head, hair, fore arm, lower arm, hands, thighs, calves, feet). I also drew mouth shapes, blinks & hand shapes needed.
I created mouth shapes, blinks & handshapes for Kodi in different angles & poses
I created mouth shapes, blinks & handshapes for Jordyn in front & 3/4 pose
I also did rough mouth shapes as a reference for  rough sketch of Glitch character
Preview of the animated pitch delivered
The animated pitch delivered in collaboration with My Animation Life & Lifted Wings Studio was 5 minutes long submitted to Warner Media. For now, I am only able to show this small preview of Kodi talking on her vlog
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