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El Wasta Card Game

I created characters for El Wasta card game."El Wasta" is arabic for nepotism. The action cards are five characters based in Saudi Arabia. Each character allows the player to demand coins, give away coins, miss turns or other. Characters are labelled "El-Cash" the rich guy, "El-Daboos" the spy, "El-Faza'a" the lawyer, "El-wasel" the well-connected and "El-hamoor" the stocks broker. I designed the characters and cards for the game as a commission.

Card row.jpg

Character line up, in their final card designs. I deliberately designed each card & character to have a colour scheme that stands out from the characters

ElCash - The Wealthy
Cash concept buildup.jpg
Cash- Character Variations.jpg
Cash-Colour Scheme Exploration.jpg
ElDaboos - The Spy
Daboos- Character Variations.jpg
Daboos- Colour Variations and polish.jpg
ElFaza'a - The Lawyer
Faz3a-Render and polish.jpg
Faz3a- Outfit Variations.jpg
Faz3a- Character Variations.jpg
ElWasel - The Well-connected
well connected character render and card.jpg
well connected character concepts.jpg
ElHamoor - The Stocks Broker
Hamoor- Render and Card design.jpg
ghutra study.jpg

Designed El Cash character, the wealthy man, who gets to influence other characters (players) with cash

Character concept sketches for El Cash

Colour Scheme Exploration

daboos card.jpg

I created some exploration sketches for El Daboos - the spy character, then the client responded that they had a particular reference in mind they wanted me to use. I used this reference to make a few colour variations before we settled on the final version. El daboos can be paid to get another player in jail.

Like El Daboos - I started with some exploration sketches for El Faza'a - the lawyer character. The client then pointed out the direction they most preferred & I used it to create a few more variations for the ghutra (head wrap style). That's when I learned that the ghutra wrapig style & fabric could indicate a man's nationality within different gulf countries in the middle east. I also chose complementary colors for the character's design. El Faza'a character can defend another character's case & get a player who was stuck in the game's jail out

Sketched some quick concepts for El Wasel - the well connected character, then rendered the final version of the selected design. El Wasel can swap characters (cards) or provide cash to control the game 

El Hamoor was designed as the stocks expert character. He knows how to influence the market & can control other character's (players) access to cash

Ghutra Wrap Studies
While working on this project, I learned that the men in different gulf countries wrap "the ghutra" in different styles. And that one can guess where someone is from based on the way they wrap the ghutra and the fabric pattern they use. I did this study of different ghutra wrapping styles 
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