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Haroon Al Rasheed

Character Line Up for Haroon Al Rasheed Animated Pitch showing:
Sultan Haroon, his wife Princess Zubaidah, the seamstress & her daughter, Suroor the executioner, Haroon's horse & the Sultan's guard

Sultan Haroon 
Costume & facial hair explorations of Sultan Haroon
Haroon el rasheed outfits_board.jpg
Princess Zubaidah
Was historically known for her lavish outfits, I designed for her costumes that were more toned down but still showed historically appropriate luxury
princess outfits_board.jpg
Masrur - the executioner
Masrur was known to be Sultan's Haroon's trusted ally. He counted on him to protect him from enemies & conspirers. I did a study of different armor & weapons relevant to the Abbasid era & explored how Masrur could look like fully armored.
Guards armor concepts board.jpg
haroon el rashee character line up_v3_2.jpg
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