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The Adventures of Peach & Mr Crumbs

These character designs & environment concepts were part of an animated show pitch.
Peach is a 10 year old African American girl who grew up in the US South in the 90s. She lives with her dad & grandma, and she loves to play with her kitty Mr Crumbs. Peach has a very active imagination, and she goes on adventures with Mr Crumbs fulfilling their quests around Gramma's home & backyard.

size & shape character comparison.jpg

Character line Up of Mr Crumbs, Peach, Dad & Gramma. Each character has a distinct shape & overall character that stands out in comparison to the others

Mr Crumbs
Chubby kitty who lives at Gramma's house & accompanies 10 year old Peach on her imaginary adventures
mr crumbs exploration coloured.jpg
mr crumbs concept_v2.jpg
mr crumbs turnaround_v2.jpg
Mr Crumbs poses_v2.jpg
Mr Crumbs facial expressions_v2.jpg

We didn't have descriptions for the cat character at first, so I created multiple kitty exploration sketches. After that we decided on a chubby kitty character & I mixed a few explorations together. I also created a small guide for Mr Crumbs' features. Then I created some sketches of Mr Crumbs in different poses & explored a few facial expressions 

10 year old African American girl living with her family in the 90s who goes on adventures with her kitty Mr Crumbs
peach concepts flat colors_v2.jpg
peach outfit & hair exploration.jpg
peach turnaround_v2.jpg
peach poses_v2.jpg
peach facial expressions.jpg

Peach is a 10 year old African American girl who grew up in the 90s in the US south with her dad & grandma. She loves to play with her kitty Mr Crumbs. I also started with some exploration sketches in color for Peach. It was then decided that we want peach to have a slender figure to contrast with Mr Crumbs' chubby shape. And did some outfit and hair explorations with references from the 90s fashion trends. Then I sketched some facial expression exploration for Peach, some study poses for her doing different activities & playing with Mr Crumbs

Very busy parent who works hard to provide for Peach & Gramma
dad character_concepts_v3.jpg

Dad character concepts. We know we wanted a boxy/ square body shape character. I did a couple of exploratory sketches for the body shape, facial features, outfits & hair style before client decided on this design

dad poses_v4.jpg
dad facial expressions_v3.jpg

Created pose & expression studies for Dad character

Sweet Grandma who always has fresh cookies available

Created character exploration for Gramma. We picked the features, outfit & hair we liked for the render. I used cool green palette to mirror the character's mellow personality contrasting Dad. Then did a couple of pose & facial expression studies

Gramma's home
I developed some visualizations of Gramma's home that Peach grew up in
house concept_v2.jpg

We decided that Gramma's home should look like a well preserved 60's house. I did some preliminary sketches, we picked the first sketch & explored some color options & rooms inside it

house exterior_v9.jpg

After picking a design sketch, I rendered a final version of the home exterior

living room_v15.jpg

Created the final render for Gramma's living room in the daytime. I focused on the traditional grandma couch, and used the cool green walls that match Gramma's personality to complement the warm hardwood floor & furniture.

living room mood board.jpg

For designing Gramma's living room, we wanted to preserve that grandmother style charm. So I created this moodboard for reference

living room WIP & props.jpg

Using the mood board above, I created sketches for Gramma's living room with rough layout. Designed some of the room props to keep the grandma's home charm. In this instance, I only sketched it out in 2D using perspective lines

other peach sketches.jpg

A couple more sketches created for Peach at an earlier stage in the design process

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