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Fishing Trip

Fishing Trip is my student 3D animated short that I completed during my time at Vancouver Film School. I designed the characters & environment. Created the animatic. Then used Autodesk Maya to 3D model the characters & set, rig the characters for animation, animate the characters, light up & render the scene and composite the final movie.

Character Design
Created a couple of preliminary designs for the main character Larry, then finalized the design while developing the story & modeling the character in 3D
Larry - character design sheet.jpg
Preliminary set design
I created a rough design  for Larry's living room as a reference for the 3D set
To create the opening shot that gives a background about Larry, I sketched a rough layout for the props set up in Larry's living room
Fishing Trip - 3D Animated student film
Created this student film from start to finish during my time in Vancouver Film School
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